Are you a Prepper?

Not the type of prepper that has an underground bunker and is eagerly awaiting the zombie apocalypse. However, if you are, September is the month for you! September is National Preparation Month which focuses on planning. The theme for 2017 is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can”. If you’re an optimist, you believe that ‘nothing will happen’ and if you’re a pessimist, you figure, “Why bother? If I prepare for a water event, there will be a wind event”. The reality is, this past month has taught us that many things can happen—and do. I firmly believe in having items in your car that make an inconvenience or emergency a little bit easier to deal with. Having water, snacks, boots, matches, a candle, a cell phone charger, etc. can prepare you to deal with sliding off the road, getting stuck in traffic for an extended amount of time, evacuating a flood, and many other situations. I’ve written several blog articles in the past about this because it can make a big difference in that one moment you’re dealing with a situation you didn’t plan on. We have cars towed in and people have had to wait on the side of the road in inclement weather, walked a distance they hadn’t planned on, or found themselves unprepared for a slide off with car damage on a snowy day. While not being prepared can be inconvenient and irritating, it can also be dangerous. Take advantage of the information on Because after all, it is true. Disasters don’t plan ahead—but you can.
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