Happy Father’s Day

On this upcoming Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day. One of the biggest blessings in my life is my business partner who is also my husband and our children’s father. We began as a young couple with three children and became business partners out of necessity, not design, when we purchased the family business from Jeff’s family. I’m thankful for a man who worked hard all week and still coached his kid’s soccer teams on Saturday. For several years he wasn’t able to attend many weekday kid’s events but made a point to take what little free time he had to spend with them. They always knew they were important to him. Jeff modeled commitment, a strong work ethic and love to his kids every day. The kids getting up at 6:00 in the morning to see their Dad before he left for work wasn’t something I thought about at the time but on reflecting back, I realize how precious that time was. When we purchased the business, he asked me to begin working with him, even though I had no experience or interest in automotive repair. But Jeff is an optimistic person and he always believed that we could build a business that would make a difference to us, our employees and the community. He believed that we would be great partners in business and I would be able to contribute to the business. His belief in that propelled our business to become bigger and better than I could imagine. As any small business owner can attest, there are times when you are terrified and have to make decisions that affect not just your own family but those of your employees too. The fear of making a mistake can be overwhelming but Jeff always has jumped in with both feet and the belief that you will succeed if you work hard enough and have faith in yourself and those around you. He’s also shown our kids that if you have the ability to help someone, you do it. Most husband and wife business partners will agree that it is not always wine and roses being married, running an automotive repair business, and raising kids. Sometimes it’s not even beer and dandelions. But it’s a great journey when you’re with someone who is a terrific partner in life! Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Arie Nol Auto Center!
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