Is Your Car Ready for College?

Do you have a student heading off to college and taking a vehicle? If so, is the car ready? You've bought the microwave, mini fridge, extra-long twin bedding and talked about the importance of making good personal choices. But is their car ready? It's important that a vehicle headed to school be maintained correctly and any minor repairs be taken care of before your student leaves. Many times, your child is headed to a town that you're not familiar with and they may not have the number of a shop you can trust. Being proactive about vehicle repairs and maintenance BEFORE they leave saves you a potential phone call about a broken-down vehicle. We know it's stressful trying to find a shop to repair your student’s vehicle. We know it's stressful for the student trying to deal with something they may not have had a lot of experience handling. While it can be a teachable moment, it's one you'd probably rather avoid. Make sure that they understand several things about the vehicle. How to check the oil. How to check the windshield washer fluid level. Know what the check engine, low fluid, and service-needed lights on the dashboard mean. How to change a tire and where the tire changing tools are located. Tell them to look at the oil change sticker in the left corner of the windshield. Will they need the oil changed before they come home? Probably not. We want your kids to be familiar with their vehicle and to be proficient at checking the listed items. If they need a lesson, our friendly service advisors are always willing to give them a lesson so they can head off to school confident that they've got everything covered!
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