Peace of Mind

I've always been amazed by the damage that can happen inside an engine compartment or on the suspension of a vehicle. The technicians always let me know when they have some car part carnage for me to take a picture of before they repair it. There are many reasons for visible damage. Age and wear, lack of maintenance, and sometimes just a part that fails before its time. Sometimes damage can happen simply due to another part failing and it becomes a domino effect. The technicians always explain the sequence of events that lead to the damage. I've learned a lot from seeing situations like this and having them explained to me. Automobiles are mechanical. There are a lot of moving parts and sometimes if it is a moving part fails, it causes a lot of damage. At times, even a new part can fail. We are choosy about the parts we use for the repairs and maintenance; however, on occasion even a new part will fail. It isn't just disappointing for the customer but also for the repair shop. Our goal is always to be respectful of your time and we want you to be satisfied with your repair and maintenance. It's important to know what your warranty is when having your family automobile repaired. That is an important part of our service. Being a NAPA Autocare Center means we have the Nationwide Peace of Mind warranty. It gives our customers peace of mind, but it also makes us feel confident that our customers will be covered wherever they happen to be traveling. Whenever visiting a repair shop, make sure you ask about their warranty. You don't want to have to use it but it's important it's available if you need it.
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