The Car Whisperer

2016 is swiftly coming to an end. This is traditionally the time of year that we look at what we did the past year regarding finances, weight, exercise, attitude, etc. Then we decide whether we need to have a New Year Resolution. If you read the statistics for keeping resolutions, many of us don’t even make it through January. If your car could talk to you, would it ask you to set a New Year resolution for car maintenance? I’m not the car whisperer but I bet some cars would ask you to add “Maintain the car correctly!” to your list. I can hear your car begging you to change the oil on time, have the fluids checked and make sure that you follow the recommended service schedule for your vehicle. Why? Because your car wants to have the longest life span possible, just like you do. Just like you resolve to go to the gym, pass up dessert and have a positive attitude, it will take you making a conscious decision to do these things. When you get an oil change, schedule your next appointment before you check out. If you aren’t sure, ask your auto repair facility to let you know the next maintenance needed for your car. Plan for that. Resolve to address any issues immediately so that you avoid the domino effect of one weak part affecting other parts. Knowing what your upcoming maintenance needs are also affects your budget. It won’t be an unexpected expense. That way you can stick to your financial resolution. I may not be the car whisperer but if I’ve learned anything in sixteen years in the automotive industry, it’s that maintenance is key to vehicle longevity. So, make your resolutions, stick with them and, if I hear anything else from your car— I’ll let you know!
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