The Dog Shoes

Several months ago on Facebook, there was a picture of shoes that many people where commenting on. If you look at the photo above, you'll understand why. There was no conceivable reason for these shoes to exist other than the fact that they are crazy, unique and fun. I don't even know what you would wear with them. You couldn't wear regular length pants because you are NOT going to take the chance they'd be covered up. Hopefully if you do wear them, the people you are with are both shoe lovers and have a sense of humor. Or, dog lovers. There is a saying, “putting on the dog” which means to get dressed up for a special occasion. With these shoes, you can do that literally. Although, I don’t recommend them for a wedding unless the bride has a really good sense of humor. What does this have to do with cars? Nothing. It is just interesting how one person can find something on the internet that intrigues, interests or scares them and it can ‘go viral’. Have a kitten or puppy video and toss in a baby and you’ve got a viral video. Dog shoes add nothing to society but they are just plain fun. I was amazed how often I saw them on Facebook pages or emails. You probably couldn’t keep the dog shoes in the closet with your cat slippers though.
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