Trick or Treat

This time of year is all about change. The leaves are changing and night comes a little bit sooner. We're doing more driving in the dark. There are kids outside waiting for the bus before the sun comes up. And then there's Halloween. Loads of kids running around from house to house in search of candy while dressed in fun costumes. It seems like Michigan’s tradition for it to be cold and possibly even rainy that night. Not always the best conditions for watching out for little ghosts and goblins in the road. The holidays will also be here before we know it and there’s a lot of driving from place to place and road trips to visit relatives. It's easy to put off minor repairs or maintenance to our vehicles at such a busy time during the year. Plan ahead, and just like replacing the filter in your furnace in the fall before you have to use it, have the technician that performs your oil change check several things. Most reputable repair facilities do this as part of the oil change but ask if you're not sure. Make sure all of your car's lights are working. There aren't just headlights and taillights but also the brake indicator light at the top of your rear window. There are also different side marker lights and turn signal indicator lights. Have them check your windshield wipers as well. If they are leaving streaks on the windshield or they skip across the glass, it's time to replace them. Also have your tires checked. If you have to stop quickly, it's not just the brakes that contribute to the amount of time it takes your vehicle to come to a complete stop. If your new brakes tell your old tires to stop, the tires simply may not be able to. Keep your eyes on the road and not on your Pumpkin Spice Vente Latte in the cup holder.
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